JuiceReady Home Installation Service
JuiceReady Home Installation Service
JuiceReady Home Installation Service

JuiceReady Home Installation Service

Get your JuiceBox professionally installed

Once you select your JuiceBox for your electric vehicle, take the hassle out of installing it!?
Enel X has partnered with a network of contractors to help you find the right electrician to help with your electric car charger installation - saving you time and money.


  • Safe & reliable - completed by pre-qualified, licensed electricians
  • Competitive prices - get a low, fixed EV charger installation price from local installers
  • Fast & easy - find a qualified contractor with only a few clicks

Introductory pricing for our EV charger installation - sign up now to save $200! Introductory discount included in your JuiceReady Home Installation quote.


* available in limited geographies

Installation package
Permit Pull Service
Permit Pull Service
$899.00 each
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Excellent customer service and professionalism

End-to-end excellent customer service and professionalism shown by every person I interacted with. I had special situation that I needed help with and within an hour of talking to Chris about my situation he had Elena, from eMotorworks, call me and she arranged for me to get a Juicebox Pro 40 overnighted to me and to top it all off Chis was able to send an electrician to have it installed the same day!

Angel, my electrician, was stellar. I've hired many contractors for random jobs in the past and I've never had anyone hold themselves to such a high standard. He was extremely detailed oriented and clean. He brought out his level for every component that needed to be installed on the wall. He also made sure everything fit perfectly and neatly. He made sure it looked good and functioned before he left. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my annoying questions.

I can't sing their praises enough. Within 24 hours I was able to get a charger delivered, electrician sent out, and EV charger installed. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks again to Chris, Elena, and Angel for a wonderful experience.

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How does our service it work?

Answer the installation questionnaire about your vehicle on our website to determine your EV charger installation cost. After you check out, you will receive an email from our partner Qmerit with a link to a “virtual site visit”. Upload the requested photos of the installation site. Within 2 business days of completing the virtual visit, a licensed electrician will contact you to confirm the installation requirements and schedule an appointment.

What’s included with the installation of the charging unit? Are there any additional expenses?

The electrician will install a NEMA 14-50 outlet or hardwired electrical connection to meet the power requirements of your charging station. The installation package covers all the necessary parts and labor required. Your contractor will also obtain an installation permit. The permit fees are not included in your installation package as they vary greatly between municipalities. You will need to reimburse the contractor for the permit fees at the time of your installation appointment.

Why should I hire a professional electrician to install my electric vehicle charging station?

A level 2 EV charger uses 240 volts of electricity which allows it to have a faster charging time but this added voltage requires a more complex installation process than a standard level 1 charger. This process requires modifying the circuit breaker to handle the 240 volt output and in some cases may require the whole circuit breaker panel to be replaced. Installation of a level 2 charging station requires high-voltage, electrical work, and an installation permit. Working with a licensed electrician ensures the safety and quality of your installation.

How are the installers screened?

Our electrical services and installation partner, Qmerit, has pre-qualified EV charging station installers. They are all licensed electricians that have been background-checked to ensure you receive a safe and thorough home installation experience.

How are reschedules, refunds, and cancellations managed?

Reschedules will be handled directly with your selected contractor - they will always be open to rescheduling as long as you let them know at least 24 hours ahead of time. You are free to cancel your JuiceReady installation and collect a full refund at any time prior to the initiation of the electrician’s work on the installation. This is always an option upon any changes in pricing due to site conditions. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

How do I know that the estimated price of installation is accurate?

After completing your order, you will receive an email asking you to provide photos of the installation site and of your electrical panel for a “virtual site visit”. The photos will be reviewed by the assigned contractor who will call you to review the site requirements. If any additional parts or labor are required to complete your installation, the installer will discuss these changes with you and Enel X?will contact you with a revised price. You will have the option to proceed or cancel the installation after reviewing the new price.

Is building owner permission required to perform the installation?

Yes, you must own your home or have written building owner permission (required for permits) and if applicable, have received written HOA approval to install your charging station.

Will I be eligible for any federal, state or utility incentives for EVSE installation?

Please check our website for available electric vehicle and charging station incentives offered by cities, states and electric utilities.

How long does the installation take?

Each home and installation is different, so it is difficult to estimate the exact time required for each project. Typically installations are completed within 4 hours.

Do I need to prepare my home for the installation work?

The installer will contact you to discuss any necessary preparation.

Who do I call if my electric vehicle charging station isn’t working?

Enel X?has a support team available M-F 9am-5pm Pacific at +1.844.584.2329 or you can contact us. You can also contact your installer who will provide you with their contact information at the installation appointment.

What is the warranty for my JuiceBox and installation?

Your JuiceBox comes with a three year parts and labor warranty. Please refer to our limited warranty for details. The installation warranty is provided by the Qmerit contractor who installs your station - installers provide a one year warranty on labor and materials. Please ask your installer for their warranty policy.